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Glen Kemp

Additional Info

Director of Operations, Licensed Massage Therapist

LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist)
MA 24890

Glen, Director of Operations at Performance Massage, combines his years of experience and advanced training to properly assess and treat the specific needs of each client.  For the past fifteen years Glen has remained Nationally Certified NCBTMB and a noted member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association. He was recognized as Tampa Bay Chapter President, Outstanding Sports Massage Therapy Team Member and Outstanding State Service by the FSMTA. Glen, an AMTA member, built a solid reputation in the Tampa Bay area as a myofascial sports and clinical massage therapist who uses deep tissue techniques to improve performance and prevent and treat injuries.

Office workstation repetitive stress or strain injuries and conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome, postural alignment, back and neck pain, and headaches are some of Glen'’s specialties. Many of these conditions may be addressed on site allowing key employees to stay at work while being treated. In businesses large and small Glen works to improve wellness and productivity through information, education, and hands on treatment.

From treating amateur to professional athletes, Glen’'s dedication to sports massage is exemplified by years of participation in more than 100 sporting events including; Florida Ironman, 2011 IDBF World Championship, St Anthony’s Triathlon, and Gasparilla Distance Classic.