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Services Offered for Corporate Wellness:

  • Chair Massages
  • Events
  • Table Massage
  • Wellness Education

Office workstation repetitive stress or strain injuries and conditions including; carpal tunnel syndrome, postural alignment, back and neck pain, and headaches are some of our specialties. Many of these conditions may be addressed on-site allowing key employees to stay at work while being treated. In businesses large and small Performance Massage works to improve employee wellness through information, education, and hands on treatment. 

On-site chair massage is a safe, conveneint and cost-effective addition to any wellness program.  Employees remain seated and fully clothed while treated.  The therapist focuses on the upper body - back, shoulders, arms, hands,  neck and head.  The treatments last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the company's timeframe and employees' needs.

A growing number of businesses are providing wellness programs in the work place.  They believe that providing ceratin massage services to their workforce translates into more productivity, less down time, and increases market competitiveness. 

On-site treatments are best done on a regular basis (weekly / bi-monthly / monthly) but can be customized to meet any schedule.  Chair massage is great for special occasions or events or as a reward incentive for employees.  This service can be paid for entirerly by the employer, employee, or may be shared.